1. Senior government officials will present a certificate of merit and trophy at the grand awards ceremony and final presentation, which will be held in 2015.
  2. “Chinese and English award handbooks” will be published, where award-winning organizations/individuals will be introduced to the general public and international market through electronic, print and online media.
  3. The executor will organize the “NIIA forum” to disseminate the successful experiences of award-winning organizations/individuals and facilitate cross-industry business opportunity matchmaking.
  4. Award-winning organizations/individuals will be assisted in applying for the MOEA’s Technology Development Program.


  1. Award recipients are obliged to provide materials and share their/her/his experience for the award handbook; they also need to partake in award related promotional events.
  2. If false statements were verified or major controversial disputes that are detrimental to social image and public impressions concerned with award recipients, the organizer can rescind the award as well as certificate of merit and trophy. Furthermore, the organization and individual will be banned from the NIIA competition for five years.