About NIIA

Awards Spirit

With “innovation” as its main axis, NIIA encourages Taiwan’s industries to take full advantages of the existing competitiveness to consolidate the industrial innovation and contributions generated from the technologies, services, and diverse cultures. Nomination of this award is focused on the added-values created for better future life through innovative designs and information technology. In addition, it also encourages the development to create high added values instead of high production quantity. This award aims to identify and reward businesses/academic organizations and research institutions which have made substantial contributions to the industry and for the superior future in Taiwan.

NIIA is currently the only government-sponsored program targeting on industrial innovation. Nominations for NIIA include innovators from the industry, academic institutions, and research organizations. The goal of NIIA is to inspire the leadership of industries, commending the teams and individuals to be supporting roles of industrial innovation. Besides, the “organization category” is also set in this award together to promote cross-field cooperation.

In addition, NIIA is designed to provide the industries and research institutions a credible platform for evaluation of the innovative competitiveness. Furthermore, the grant of award is acted as a driving force to upgrade industrial innovation in Taiwan. This platform will not only promote rational dialogue and exchange among all participating businesses, scholars, organizations, and experts, but more importantly encourage the researchers in the industry, academic institutions, and research organizations to break away from the traditional technology-based thinking and move forward to develop service innovation. Through the service innovation, the value of manufacture to the added-value of service could be increased and the consolidated creativity will lead the Taiwanese industries to the blue sea.

The economy in Taiwan is going through a critical time. In order to upgrade the industry development, MOEA sincerely invites enterprises, schools, organization-sponsored research institutions and individuals to actively participate in NIIA nomination. The competition of NIIA will be an extraordinary opportunity to evaluate the inventive competitiveness of participants with other innovators. We also expect that the outstanding innovators in the Nation will take a further step to turn the award-winning innovations into a force that drives the industries forward. In a word, industries in Taiwan are expected to change from “a nation of manufacture” into “a nation of innovation,” creating a brand-new page to the “golden age.”